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Say goodbye to the plucky EV that could.

GM Charges Ahead, Follows Ford and Tesla Lead

Bud’s Garage Overdrive – Our first blog post! 

Last week, the news was that Ford partnered together with Tesla to develop an adapter to allow Ford EVs to plug into Tesla Supercharger Network. This week, GM announced that their cars will now start using the same charging port as Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector. So… very soon, all Tesla, Ford and GM owners can sit in line, waiting for the 60% of public chargers that work to fill their batteries with electricity that comes from fossil fuels, delivered to most power plants by hybrid-powered trains!  

 All of this is powered by ignorance. Manufacturers are starting to realize that EVs have limited infrastructure, so they kick that can down the road and make it someone else’s problem. 

Remember what happened on November 30, 2010? The introduction of the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt. The answer to high oil prices was in front of us, and many of the salespeople couldn’t explain how the car worked. The second-generation Volt came out in 2015 and was killed in 2019. The electric-only range of the Volt was only 53 miles, and the fuel economy was 106 MPG-e. And GM just killed their all-electric Chevy Bolt, a great little niche car that you can drive until the wheels fall off because it wasn’t built on the GM’s Ultium platform.  

Remember when we were exporting energy? Now, we’re energy dependent again and gas prices are going up, while some places on the planet have sub $.05/gallon gasoline. 

Many folks start their car every morning and think that it all happens by magic. Do your homework and follow the money. In the meantime, buy a couple of bicycles to have at home just in case some hacker, living in their parents’ basement, figures out how to shut down the power grid.  

So, what is this thing called a hybrid vehicle? More to come 

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